Happy hikers carry less

To keep a smile up, it's about keeping weight and volume down.

The truth is, when you are wanting to explore nature a little more closely, it is essential to carry the right gear.

With hiking, in particular there are two main considerations. Weight and volume. Weight is king. So you want to keep the weight down without compromising on quality, comfort or effectiveness.

Here’s a few tips that will make happy hikers.

  1. Choose a pack to suit the length of your hike. We love Aarn Natural Balance for longer walks and Aarn Marathon Magic as a day pack. There is loads of science behind the development and design of these packs, but for me the front balance pockets make the journey a whole lot more comfortable and convenient.
  2. For overnight stays we can’t go past the Aarn Pacer 2 Tent. Weighing in at 1.8kg and incorporating trekking poles into the tent structure! Amazing! The tent is so easy to set-up, extremely well ventilated (no-one likes to wake up to a cover of condensation), and inside you can fit two sleeping mats side by side. 
  3. Plan ahead. Know where you are going and carry a map. For remote walks you should also carry a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) and fully stocked light-weight first aid kit. Carrying these items are worth the weight. Remember to tell your loved ones where you are going and when you plan to arrive at your destination.

We use Aarn tents and packs on all our parent-child adventures and we hire to adventurers of all ages, including students completing Duke of Edinburgh.

**2020 UPDATE: Aarn Pacer Tents have lasted the distance but we have had to find a new super-durable and light-weight tent because the Aarn tents are no longer in production. We have since moved to the Wilderness Equipment Space 2 tents. Aussie designed and still super light-weight at 1.8kg.

Check out our full range of hiking, camping and first aid equipment for hire. And happy hiking!

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