Questions about Hiring

  • Can I hire for more or less than 7-days?
    Yes. We offer a simple 7-day hire period that gives you time to collect, pack your gear, use it and then clean it before you return it to us. If your trip is 8-14 days, you will be charged a 2 week hire rate. 

    Repeat hires within a 30 day period will attract a 15% discount. 

    If you would like to hire for more than 2 weeks please contact us about long-term hires. 
    • Is the hire gear in good condition and clean?
      It sure is! We only hire gear that we have tested ourselves. We only select hire products we have confidence in and that withstand repeat use.
      • Where do I collect the gear from?
        Gear can be collected from our office, 1 Day Court, Wellington Point, QLD (less than 25 minutes east of Brisbane). Entry is via Crossley Drive.
      • Can you deliver gear to my home or campsite?
        We are not quite an Uber-camp delivery service yet, but we can arrange delivery of gear within the Brisbane area for a $30 delivery fee (dependant on the distance travelled to your location). Please ask and we will let you know the exact cost.

        We might ask you for some extra details if you are not collecting the gear yourself. For example, if you want to hire a pack we will need some measurements to select the right pack for you. 

        It is often a good idea to book a consultation before a hire so we can help you find the most suitable gear for your trip.

      • I don't live in Queensland, can I hire gear if I live interstate? 
        No sorry, we don't usually hire to people living interstate. But if you are visiting Queensland please contact us and we will make your adventure possible.
        • Can I take the gear I am hiring interstate or overseas?
          Sure can! You can take our gear outside of Queensland. Our gear goes more places than we do, like New Zealand, Nepal, PNG and Hawaii. You can see where our gear has gone featured on our @support.crew Instagram feed. Check it out!
        • I am visiting Queensland, Australia and want to get outdoors. Can you supply everything I need? And are you far from Brisbane airport? 
          We can supply all the gear you need for a car camping holiday, or if you have one of Queensland's Great Walks in mind, we have hiking packages for singles, couples and families, including gas canisters, dehydrated light-weight meals and even pillows.

          Our office is located less than 30 minutes from Brisbane Airport and only a slight detour if you are heading to the Gold or Sunshine Coast.
        • How can I avoid being charged a cleaning fee?

          Our expectation is that all gear is returned in same good condition when collected or delivered to you. Gear should be returned clean and dry and free from rubbish. We understand that sometimes you may not have time to dry items before you return them to us. We strongly advice you to inform us of this so we can dry the item/s immediately.

          Please do not attempt to clean significant marks or stains off a pack or tent, instead inform us so we can appropriately clean the item and minimise damage to the material.

          If items are not returned clean a $50 cleaning fee per item will be charged to your credit card as per our Terms and Conditions.

        • What happens if the gear I hire gets damaged?

          The gear we hire is very good quality and with proper care will not damage easily. Most damage occurs if you do not treat the gear with care. The most common cause of damage to tents and packs is leaving food packages open inside your tent or pack overnight when wildlife are active. They seek out food and will chew through tents and packs to score an easy meal.

          To avoid any additional charges for damage, remember to consume all open food or store it in a dry bag outside of your tent and pack. Please also remember to use ground sheets provided with tents and never use stoves in or close to tents. Specific usage instructions will be given at the time of hire.

          If gear is damaged or faulty please notify us immediately.

          Charges will apply to damaged items as per our Terms and Conditions.

        • Where can I find user guides or set up procedures for the gear I have hired?
          We will provide you with instructions on how to use the gear when you collect. You can also find helpful set up procedures, user guides, videos or photos on this website. Simply select the item you have hired and you will find all the information you need to use that item.
        • Do you have a pack that will fit me?
          Yes! We have lots of different packs that suit most body shapes and sizes, including children! We are able to customise packs to suit your body shape using inter-changeable waist belts that come in small, medium and large. We offer a free fitting service where you can come into our office and we will personally fit you to make sure you wear the best-suited pack for your adventure. Contact us today!
        • Will I need extra dry bags if I hire a pack? 

          All Aarn Packs come with built-in internal dry liners. Even in the front pockets! You might however want to purchase additional lightweight dry bags to keep your gear organised inside your pack or to seperate wet from dry gear. 

          If you are hiring an Osprey pack you will generally require dry liners as these do not come with your pack.

        • Do you offer a campsite set-up service?
          We do offer campsite set up for corporate clients or groups to set up the Campmor Safari Tents on your property or at a booked location. We have accommodation for up to 40 people including stretcher bed/bunks. If you have something in mind please give us a call.
        • Do you hire water bladders? 
          No. Bladders or personal water reservoirs are difficult to sterilise and are better suited to personal use. You can find bladders for sale here
        • Do you hire sleeping bags?

          Not exactly. We do hire liners which when combined with an insulated sleeping mat are light and sufficient for the warm conditions we experience most of the year, in Queensland. For trips to cooler destinations or colder times of year, we offer a sleep system including the Reactor Liner, insulated sleeping mat plus a light-weight Down quilt. Often one quilt can be shared between two, if you are a couple or parent plus child.

        Questions about buying gear

        • Do you offer pick up of shop items?
          Yes, if your shop item is in stock you can collect direct from our Wellington Point office. Simply select ‘Click and collect’ at the checkout. We would love to meet you!
        • I don’t like paying for things online, can I make a phone order? 
          Yes, you can call our office on 0401862740 to make a phone order. But be assured that our online ordering system is super safe.
        • Do you accept payment other than credit card?
          Our shop accepts credit card, debit card or pay on collection from our Wellington Point office. Payment via direct deposit are accepted for Hires.

        I am new to Hiking

        • I haven’t ever hiked before, where do I start? 
          We're so glad you are keen to start hiking. We love sharing our experience with clients and giving you the confidence to take on your own adventures. You can get started by joining one of our day walks, or talk to us about the gear you might need to supplement the gear you already own! Call us today. We'd love to be your support crew. 
        • Do I need walking poles? 
          We love the Pacer Poles and when walking on trails they can really assist with propulsion when used correctly. They can be extremely useful on difficult terrain or on multi-day hikes. They are also super light weight as they are made of carbon fibre and have left and right grip handles for maximum comfort and control.
        • What is the difference between a survival bivvy and blanket? 
          Bad weather can affect your adventure in a negative way. We recommend always preparing for adverse conditions. Our experience has shown that when conditions are wet and windy and it becomes a survival situation, a bivvy is a better option than a blanket. A bivvy is like a tiny wind and water-proof sleeping bag that you get inside to get out of bad weather. A blanket covers a person but if wind and rain is blowing it can be difficult to keep it on the person. Although a bivvy is the preferred option, a blanket is better than nothing at all. Whatever you decide, at 100g, it is the smallest piece of essential emergency equipment you will carry.