Aarn Natural Balance Pack

The pack that brought me back to hiking

To tell you the truth, secretly I wish I had designed Aarn packs. I hiked a bit when I was young(er). I bought good quality packs – the ones you pick up at an adventure store – and as much as I enjoyed the whole hiking experience, I couldn’t see the point in lugging the gear on your back. It’s hard work, pretty awkward and a real pain after the first hour or so. So, I opted for an easier way to discover the outdoors – stow your gear and hop in a canoe or sea kayak.

But it all changed in 2009 when I had the opportunity to complete the Kokoda Track. What Australian would say no? Everyone I spoke to said how hard it was and I dreaded the thought of traipsing through the jungle in PNG with a heavy pack. Yes, I could have employed a porter, but for me, experiencing the kind of conditions my grandfather faced in WW2 deserved my full and complete participation, no matter how heavy the load.

I thought there had to be a better way to carry your hiking gear. So I spent hours researching. Hours well spent when I came across Aarn packs with their unique balance pockets. I read the research, the science behind the design and to me, it made perfect sense. So I invested in a Aarn Natural Balance.

And it paid off when I completed Kokoda in relative comfort. The pack really did distribute the weight evenly so you aren’t constantly feeling like the weight of the pack is pulling you backwards. You can access the front pockets without taking your pack off. So these pockets are great for your energy snacks, camera and first aid bits and pieces. The pack becomes a part of you.

Pockets that have waterproof lining means you don’t have to worry about stopping when the weather turns bad, to get out a dry cover. And as I found out on Kokoda, the pockets keep everything dry, even when you are knocked into a deep river.

Since then my pack and I have traveled 100’s of kilometers. Multiple 8-day walks in the Northern Flinders Ranges, with Operation Flinders Foundation and many Parent-child hikes. And I wouldn’t use anything else.

The parents who use the Aarn packs are just as positive. And we’ve been using the smaller Aarn Marathon Magic because they are perfect for little ‘hikelings’.

I am a true fan.

Ok, so I didn’t design the Aarn pack, but if I had – it would look exactly the same.

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