SOTO Navigator 2 x Pot Set
SOTO Navigator cook set showing all inclusions
Soto Navigator pot used with tongs and lid to strain liquid

SOTO Navigator 2 x Pot Set

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SOTO's aluminium Navigator cook set is durable and impact resistant due to its high micron hard anodised finish. It has 2 pot sizes with versatile lids that can also be used as cutting boards, colander and stove supports. Stack and stow all in one. Well suited to a medium sized group or family.

Set includes

1 x Small pot (1300 ml)

1 x Large pot (1800 ml)

2 x multi-purpose lids that can be used as cutting boards/colanders or fuel canister stabiliser

1 x Pot grips/tongs - acts as handle

1 x Thermal disc 

1 x Stow away bag

Features include

Weight: 480g

Dimensions when stowed: 19 cm x 10.4 cm

Thermal disc to keep food hot for longer