Outer Limits Light-weight 2 x pot set nested
Outer Limits Light-weight 2 pots side by side

Outer Limits Light-weight 2 x Pot Set

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A set of two nesting billy style pots suitable for 1-3 people. It is made of anodized hard aluminium which is fire resistant and very durable. The pot lids double as bowls.

A gas stove and 220gm cannister fits into the small pot with ease, allowing you to save on pack space. Set includes 2 x covered pots with handy mesh storage bag included. The small pot nests inside the larger pot.

Features include

Hard Anodized Aluminium with non-stick coating 
Weight: 300g
Dimensions: Small pot 105 x 115 mm | Large pot 110 x 135 mm
Volume: Small pot 900ml | Large pot 1400 ml 


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