Outdoor Gourmet Mediterranean Lamb and Black Olives Meal - Serves 2

Outdoor Gourmet Mediterranean Lamb and Black Olives Meal - Serves 2

The Outdoor Gourmet Company
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Seasoned lamb served with a fusion of Mediterranean spices, couscous and roasted vegetables. 

Just add boiling water – no cooking required

Ideal main course for two or great for a solo adventurer with a big appetite

The Outdoor Gourmet Company has teamed with top Australian chefs using the finest ingredients and modern freeze dried technology to create a selection of convenient and lightweight gourmet meals. Unlike traditional dehydration, freeze drying better locks in nutrition, flavour and texture removing more moisture which improves shelf life. It also reduces weight, and does not require any extended boiling to rehydrate fully. Unlike wet retort packs, freeze dried food is much lighter with a more natural colour and texture. 

More taste  |  Less weight  |  Less fuss  |  Less mess

Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients
Perfect as Multi Day Hiking Food
Prepared in 10 minutes

Lightweight 100% Freeze Dried
Servings per package: ONE BIG DOUBLE SERVING
Energy 1430kj  |  341 calories per serve
Serving Size: 2 x 345g 
500mls water required
Packet Weight 190g

Contains: wheat, soybeans