Optimus Terra Weekend Light-weight 1 x Pot Set Hire
Optimus Terra Weekend pot and lid
Optimus Terra Weekend Light-weight in use with gas canister and stove

Optimus Terra Weekend Light-weight 1 x Pot Set

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The versatile and efficient two piece hard anodised aluminium pot set with non-stick coating has a special heat exchanger which can reduce boil times by up to 20%, making your cooking more efficient.  In just over 2 minutes you will have boil point reached.

Features include

Hard Anodized Aluminium Heat Exchange Pot with non-stick coating (0.9L)
Weight: 275g
Dimensions: 124 x 165 mm
Burn time: Up to 90 minutes at maximum output (using a 220 g gas canister)
Compatible with iso-butane, screw-type gas canister available for purchase in our shop
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