Crux Lite stove
Crux Lite stove attached to gas canister
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Optimus Crux Lite Micro Stove

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The Crux Lite stove is feather-light but dependably strong. It has a powerful, stable 3000 w burner that distributes heat evenly. It is easily stored inside your pot or a pocket of your pack. Designed with lightest weight travel in mind. In just over 2 minutes you will have boil point reached.

Features include

Weight: 86g
50mm diameter burner which distributes heat widely onto the cooking pot reducing the risk of spot burning food.
Burn time: Up to 90 minutes at maximum output (using a 220 g gas canister)
Hire includes storage bag and piezo ignitor with lanyard for easy and safe ignition of stove.
Compatible with iso-butane, screw-type gas canister.

Gas canister sold separately.

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