Kovea stove unfolded ready for use with ignition stick in foreground
Kovea stove folded into small size
Kovea stove in carry bag next to a packet of matches to highlight small size

KOVEA Spider Micro Stove

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The Spider is one of the lightest and most stable remote canister stoves. It has an anti-flare tube for both safety and low temperature operation, and a wide powerful flame which can be controlled right down for light simmering. The foldable pan support legs and low centre of gravity enhances the stove’s safety even further, and it has the lowest carbon monoxide emissions of any gas camping stove currently available.

Features include

Weight: 170 g

Dimensions: 10.60 × 9.40 × 4.60 cm

Compatible with iso-butane, screw-type gas canister

Manual ignition

Hire includes orange igniter and storage bag

Gas canister sold separately.

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