Campers Pantry Mango Chicken Curry Meal
Campers Pantry Mango Chicken Curry Meal rehydrated ready to eat
Campers Pantry Mango Chicken Curry Meal nutritional information

Campers Pantry Mango Curry Chicken Meal - Serves 1

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If you’re flat out organising for your next lightweight expedition, then keep your food simple and quick with the range of freeze-dried meals from Campers Pantry.

This meal is freeze dried which locks in flavour and nutrients while reducing the size and weight for compact transport. This meal won’t require refrigeration so you can store it away until you need it. When you’re ready for a meal, just add boiling water, let it rehydrate and it’s ready to eat.  

For something a bit different, this meal consists of chicken cooked in a delicious mango sauce, with pasta, herbs and spices.

100% Real Meat
Made in Australia From 99% Australian Ingredients
High Protein 33.2g (no soy protein)
Energy 2292kj | 547 Calories
Lightweight 100% Freeze Dried
Perfect as Multi Day Hiking Food

    Servings per package: ONE BIG SINGLE SERVE
    Serving Size: 410g

    Add 300ml BOILING WATER

    Packet Weight 110g