Campers Pantry Lamb Casserole Meal in packaging
Campers Pantry Lamb Casserole Meal in bowl
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Campers Pantry Lamb Casserole Meal - Serves 1

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Food preparation for your trip can be hassle free with the range of easy to rehydrate meals from Campers Pantry.

Each meal is freeze-dried which makes it compact and light to carry, and locks in flavour and nutrients. You don't have to keep Campers Pantry meals in a refrigerator so you can just grab them and go.

Just add boiling water, let it rehydrate and your lunch or dinner is ready to eat. An Aussie dinner classic, this hearty meal of Lamb, veggies and pasta makes for a solid meal after a long day of adventure.

100% Real Meat Made in Australia from 86% Australian Ingredients
High Protein 38g (no soy protein)
Energy 2440kj | 583 Calories
Lightweight 100% Freeze Dried
Perfect as Multi Day Hiking Food

    Servings per package: ONE BIG SINGLE SERVE
    Serving Size: 400g (ADD 300ml BOILING WATER)
    Packet Weight 100g