Biolite power bank
Biolite power bank with water droplets to highlight weather resistance
Biolite Charge 20 USB Powerbank

Biolite Charge 20 USB Powerbank

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This is a portable power source for everyday use. The Biolite Charge Series features an ultra thin and durable stainless steele design to bring you power that cross over from the outback to everyday. The silicone gasket makes the Charge 20 dunk proof, ready for spills or unexpected rain. Its 5200 mAh power supply can charge 2 full phones, lights, fitbits, or any other gear you need to carry.

Features include
Weather resistant IPX6, stainless steel USB Power Bank
Weight: 165g
Dimensions: 21 x 38 x 100 mm
Battery specs: 5200 mAh, 3.6 V lithium-ion
Average Charge Times: 2 Charges x Smartphones | 2-3 Charges x Action Camera | 50% boost x Tablet
Included: Charge 20, micro USB cable and instructions