Two young girls wearing Osprey packs on hiking trail surrounded by palms and subtropical rainforest
Luxe Habitat NX3 2-person hiking tent pitched
NEMO Cosmo self-inflating sleeping mat with product benefits highlighted
SILVA ranger compass with lanyard attached
Light My Fire meal kit with bowl, plate, chopping board/strainer and cup

Duke of Edinburgh Package - Hiking Budget

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This package is designed to suit the requirements of students completing their Adventurous Journey component of the the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Package includes

- Osprey Volt OR Viva 65L Hiking Pack

- Luxe NX3 2-person Hiking Tent

- Nemo Cosmo Self-inflating lightweight Sleep Mat

- SILVA Ranger Compass

- Light My Fire Meal kit plus Spork

*Items and specific brands cannot be guaranteed however every effort will be taken to supply the items listed above.

Things you might like to add

+ Upgrade to an Aarn Hiking Pack with front pockets for a more balanced load-carrying efficiency

+ Thermolite Reactor Liner as your lightweight sleeping bag

+ Gaiters 

+ Head torch

+ Skull cap beanie

+ Lightweight dehydrated meals

+ Emergency Bivvy

Most of these items are available in our shop or for hire. Enquire today to customise your package and receive your unique discount code for 15% off all shop products, except tents and meals, when you purchase with a hire.

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